Our Services

Case Management support aims to help clients maximise independence and regain control of their life after brain injury. We establish clear case management aims and objectives, and work together in partnership with our clients and their loved ones, towards a desired outcome.

We design proactive and effective programmes, which are goal directed, actively coordinating the various elements of the case, to create a dynamic process that can be updated and adjusted when required.
We will be that external support that is needed, advocating when necessary to help clients through their recovery, and families to support them. Our emphasis is on empowerment, always prioritising the client’s needs throughout the process, and enabling them to make decisions within their capabilities.
Needs after brain injury are not static and are changing over time.

At Chrysalis, we understand this, and can adapt to suit. We will both celebrate and congratulate you on your achievements and likewise, we will be the support that is needed during your struggles and challenges.

Your Chrysalis Case Manager will be there to support, encourage and motivate you through this progression.

We offer a full mental wellness, health, fitness and lifestyle assessment for each client undertaken by our highly skilled Personal Trainers and Lifestyle Consultants. From this, they will devise a personally tailored plan to improve your overall functioning. Using the latest digital technology to monitor health, activity and sleep we are able to remotely access data and statistics to measure your progress on a daily basis.

Providing one-to-one support sessions

  • Devising a bespoke, person-centred care plan.
  • Listening to the wishes of the client.
  • Clearly defined goals to improve their quality of life.
  • Risk assessing your accommodation and if it is not suitable, making recommendations to adapt the property or alternatively, rent or assist with the purchase of suitable accommodation.
  • Offering family support and advice to help with the huge strain that brain injury puts on the whole family unit.
  • Advising on and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices that aid brain recovery.

Sourcing specialist, rehabilitation services

  • Facilitate recovery, including (but not limited to): neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry, neurological physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy.
  • Sourcing equipment and technology for use at home to help make life easier.
  • Recruiting and managing, appropriately qualified support workers to fulfil the needs of the client.
  • Referring clients to medical professionals who can help treat specific issues.


  • Encouraging social interaction to make new or connect with existing friends
  • Introducing new interests or variations of old hobbies.
  • Providing support to help people start or get back into education, voluntary opportunities and work.
  • Connecting clients with local community services such as; arts activities, group learning, gardening, befriending, cookery, nutritional advice and sports, to integrate people into their local community and enrich their life.

By listening to our clients, & their loved ones, we can work together to devise & implement a comprehensive care plan, that meets their individual needs. We then: