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Care Providers

Living with a traumatic brain injury – care providers perspective

Providing care for a person who has sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can be very rewarding but equally problematic; an emotional roller coaster.  This ongoing blog will give the reader a good insight into the daily challenges that can occur. A TBI is brain damage that results from a…

Life in the ‘slow lane’

“Slow down. You must pace yourself!”  After brain injury, this is a common phrase that is said to people, but what does it mean? Slow down, according to what? Ones’ pace of life before brain injury or their pace of life now? Or, does it mean, completing activities at a slower…

Information and advice for family/ friends/loved ones

I have written this blog to give information and advice to the family/friends and loved ones of an individual who has suffered from a brain injury. I feel that it is very important not to forget that a brain injury not only impacts on the person, it has a ripple…

Who am I?

Identity changes after brain injury   Brain injury has a life changing impact upon the individual. People face a long recovery with no guarantees that they will function as they did before the injury. Their deficits and struggles may mean that they are unable to work in their previous profession,…