Who we are

Chrysalis operates throughout the North East of England, delivering a bespoke, high quality service with energy and passion.

After brain injury, your world is blown to pieces on every level. The world that you once felt comfortable in, is no more. You can feel lonely, isolated, confused and vulnerable. As well as that, you have lost your identity. Everything that made you ‘you’ e.g. job, personality, hobbies, interests  may not be the same, and that is really tough to take. You may be left with significant cognitive, physical and/or emotional deficits which make it hard to even function.

Our belief is that you cannot look at a person’s life from a 1-dimensional view. Our lives are multi-faceted and therefore looking holistically at someone’s life is the only way to provide true help. By listening to our clients, and their loved ones, we can work together to devise and implement a comprehensive care plan, that meets their individual needs.

We really care about our clients and put 110% into organising their package of care. We see each individual as a person who deserves the best chance at living a happy and meaningful life, even if it can’t be experienced in the way it was before.

Meet Our Team

Our Team has a deep sensitivity, compassion and personal understanding of the ups and downs, trials and tribulations of coping with or supporting someone with a TBI. We appreciate the need for clear, concise communication while being respectful and sensitive.

Our Case managers are skilled in organising and co-ordinating rehabilitation services and resources to maximise an injured persons functional recovery and ensure they receive well co-ordinated, quality care and treatment.